Monday, March 19, 2012

Anna Karenina and Bony Legs

I have always had something of a passion for progression.  I began reading Shakespeare on my own when I was in junior high school and spent my Saturday mornings as a high school kid in the library studying the lives of the great composers from Beethoven to Benny Goodman.  My dream was to be a university professor.

Then in a mind shattering series of events I contracted amnesia and all but forgot how to read.  I struggled to finish a small paragraph without my head spinning into splitting tension and dizziness.  And in that setting God taught me a very important lesson.  Progression is widespread.  It is not about crossing an academic finish line but gathering knowledge and wisdom from all you see around you.  Since I could not learn with my mind I studied dance, yoga, and various other forms of exercise. I began reading and better understanding God's plan for His children in all the miniscule things around me.  While my academic prowess crumbled my overall wisdom grew. When my mind sufficiently healed I took great joy in reading to my children and renewed my passion for my favorite book as a young child - Bony Legs.  It is a Russian folktale by Aleksandr Afanas'ev and retold by Joanna Cole.  Now that my senses have returned I read Bony Legs to my children by day and indulge in Tolstoy's Anna Karenina by night. 

When life requires we sacrifice something of great importance remember that there is a mind wiser than ours at the helm.  Continue to make the most morally correct choices possible and watch as life opens and embraces you in a manner in which your mind could not have previously conceived.  And when life's tempests beat upon you remember to smile because a mighty hand is strengthening your wisdom and opening new horizons.


  1. beautifully put. thank you. i'll have to look for bony legs.

  2. I need to find a copy of Bony legs for my kids before they get too big and are not scared sleepless by her anymore! :)