Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

I played the part of Belle onstage when I was younger.  In truth, it was not because I sought the role. A friend who had heard me sing blackmailed me into auditioning and when the director heard me sing she refused to let me off the hook. 

Nevertheless, the theme has been a reoccurring one in my life and it seems that I have something of a habit of seeing beneath the surface in people or looking beyond the obvious.  Allow me to illustrate. There is a person who has long occupied my thoughts.  Were you to look at him you might think precious little.  He believes that in order to find romantic acceptance and happiness in social intercourse he has to fit a certain image, alter his appearance and hide behind those things in life that he considers cool.  It doesn't fit him well and he appears at first glance somewhat an awkward though well meaning guy.  Now follow me into what I see in him.  He is a morally strong, spiritually powerful, intelligent, wise and amiable person.  Strip him of the images behind which he hides and dress him in simple, clean cut clothing and you would better see the inner fire that can take a person's respect and fullest admiration captive.  Revert him back to the appearance that God granted him and he would prove an absolutely gorgeous specimen of eye candy.   The beauty is there.  It is hidden behind insecurity. 

Let us consider ourselves both Beauty and Beast.  For one thing, never feel that you have to fit an image or pander to the world.  You are more beautiful being yourself as God created you. He knew what He was doing. You do not have to dress in the indecent manner society dictates.  You are more attractive wearing something modest and simple and walking with confidence.  Secondly, don't be fooled by the external situation of other people. Take a moment and look beneath the surface.  You might be surprised at how many socially awkward Beasts are really Prince Charming in disguise. 

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