Friday, March 23, 2012

Comfort and Death

It seems that a great many people in my life are facing potential death in a comparatively short while.  I understand that death causes a great deal of fear, doubt, and anxiety in those facing it and those watching loved ones step toward it.  I am sorry for your situation and the fear and sadness you experience.  I do not speak of this often because it is a very sacred experience but let me reassure you that everything will be okay. How can I do that? I have tasted death myself and by the grace of God I returned.

Those of you who know me well know that I suffer from potentially life threatening seizures due to trauma.  At one point, before I was able to begin healing from this condition, my heart stopped for a few moments and I was elsewhere for a short while.  Please believe me that there is nothing to fear from death.  Death is a great friend to those who do not purposefully bring it upon themselves.  I say this only to illustrate that I do not recommend suicide for moral reasons.  But to those who have relatives of people who have committed it, I believe their experiences are fairly similar, at least in the initial moment.

What is it like?  What does the transition feel like? Is the moment of death painful?  No.  It feels like nothing. It feels, if anything, like comfort and freedom and in one moment you no longer carry anxiety, worry, or any other negativity with you.  Instead of saying "I am dead" the emotion is more akin to "now I am alive!"  You do not lose the love you have for others here on earth.  If you have lost a loved one, know that they have not forgotten you. They still love you and always will.  They are still conscious of you.  To those facing potential death, you will not suddenly become a different entity.  You still have your own personality, your own form and person, but you are more free than you have ever been in this lifetime.  You realize more perfectly than ever before that you are indeed a child of a living God and you have an eternal birthright.  Your mind understands and learns faster and more completely than it did before.  And to those thinking of a loved one who has died, death is a stronger force than anything in this life or everything combined. If it is a person's time to die and death claims that person, all the world together cannot change it.  Be at peace.  God is at the helm. 


  1. Be at Peace. God is at the helm. I love that you included that here. Beautiful thoughts, Michelle. Death does offer peace which passeth understanding. But life is a gift. Every second affords us the opportunity to grow and serve in ways we cannot do without our motal bodies.
    Great post.

  2. This would bring so much peace to many who are unsure what death is like. Like Crystal said we have to do all we can for those around us while we can. After we cross over our helping time is over.