Monday, March 26, 2012

Ghost Stories

I have always had a passion for family and since I was 17 have studied with overwhelming fire my family's history.  I uncovered a story that proved so powerful I determined to name my daughter after the main character in this history.

My great grandmother Julia was one of the most amazing women in my genealogical line.  She was hardworking, selfless, patient, kind and excessively poor.  My grandfather, her son-in-law, said she was the best woman he ever knew.  Her son loved her so much he insisted upon sharing a burial plot with her that he might rest "in his mother's arms."  But that is only the beginning.

Julia had given birth to three children when she found she had a terrible and life threatening disease somewhat akin to cancer.  This prevented her having more children and forced her to consider that she might not live to raise those she had.  One night she walked alone under a bright full moon, contemplating what to do and agonising over leaving her young children motherless.  As she thought, she watched her shadow move before her on the ground.  Then she heard the voice.

A man who stood behind her told her to wait until morning and then gather a wild herb called azafran which grows wild in the area surrounding her home in Tuinadepa, Mexico.  He instructed her to boil it in a new clay pot that had never been used, drink it each day for seven days and she would be healed.  When he finished speaking, she looked back down on the ground and realized that whoever spoke behind her cast no shadow on the earth before her.  She turned around to find nothing but empty air.  Rushing home she woke her husband and they both waited in anxiety until daybreak when he left to gather the herb. 
Seven days later the tumor exited her body and she lived to bear two more girls including her youngest named Catalina, who in her turn bore children and eventually became my grandmother.   


  1. I love that this truth is part of our history. There are so many stories like that in our geneology. It helps me to remember how special and blessed we are. We have inherited many gifts from our ancestors, includung their constant love and protection.

    Beautiful post, Michelle!

  2. What an amazing, fascinating story. I'm over from Crystal's blog. I love to hear family stories like this and you've done a terrific job of telling it. Julia sounds like worthy woman, indeed.

  3. I as well came over from Crystal's blog and enjoyed the story so much. I love reading about miraculous happenings, especially back in history when so much technology was not available. I'll be checking out more of your past blogs as you have me hooked Michelle. Have a great Tuesday.
    Odie in NC

  4. I'm also here from Crystal's blog. I've heard stories like that from other people, and indeed, my own father had a miraculous life saving thing happen to him. So I know that there is a Heavenly Father who watches over us, answers our prayers, and occasionally sends his angels to give us some physical help. What a treasure of a story!

  5. I am gratified the story pleased you. And I know that angels are ready to help each of us in our trials as well if we exert the faith to hear and respond. Loves to you all!