Sunday, March 25, 2012

Judge Not

My bedroom wall bears a sign that says "Puris omnia pura" or "to the pure, all things are pure." And I find that we as human beings waste much unnecessary anxiety in worrying about the supposed sins and, more still, the possible tiny transgressions of those around us.  What does it matter to us what other people do or what sins they commit?  Does it somehow abase us by being around them?  Is it our responsibility to stand over them with a whip and a prayerbook ensuring they act according to our understanding of acceptable morality?  Somehow that reeks of a Pharisee and a dictator.  Perhaps after all, it is not their behavior but our perspective that is mistaken.

Suppose you see a so called upstanding man of your acquaintance hold an unknown woman on his arm and enter a hotel room.  There can be no excuse for that!  Or can there?  Perhaps you were not acquainted with that man's cousin who was ill and had come to town in order that she might have better medical treatment.  Perhaps you open a door and accidentally stumble across a married lady burying her face in a single man's chest.  You know for certain she is a harlot.  Or perhaps you didn't know that her husband was abusive behind closed doors and she had confided in someone who knew her situation and was helping her to flee for her life. 

In my office there is another sign which says "Veritas vincit" or "truth conquers."  Someday we will know all the particulars of life and will understand why certain things may seem strange to us now.  Until then, we might do better to save our energies for beautifying the world around us, loving those within our spheres of influence and working on our own moral characters.

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  1. There is so much about this post that I wish many could read and understand Michelle. Too many people spend large portions of their lives worrying about what someone else is thinking or being judgmental about a person when we are called to love instead. You have a lot of wisdom for such a young woman my friend.