Saturday, March 31, 2012

You are Needed

I used to have a terrible issue with comparing myself to others.  It was not that I wished to be their superior, but rather because I was one of those who did not feel worthy of notice and constantly berated myself in comparison to others.  And many people I knew energetically aided my low opinion of myself.  But over the years I have learned a rather interesting tidbit of wisdom.

Don't do it. It's pointless.  We are all different and all of us are needed in our own spheres.  Let me illustrate.  I have had the very good fortune to get to know two absolutely exquisite men in my lifetime.  They are approximately 5'7" with the same build, same eye, hair, and skin color, both independent, highly patriotic, intelligent and wise.  I often wondered which of the two was superior since they were so similar in those qualities.  I furthered the comparison. One was a university professor and the other a librarian who read stories to children.  The storyteller was thoroughly upstanding morally and the professor was a little rough around the moral edges but often stood alone against many highly immoral academic foes.  One was content with the idea of having a family and putting that first and the other wanted to change the whole world for the better.  Which was the superior man?  I finally came to the conclusion that they were both needed and valued in their own personal realms.  In a piece by piece analysis, neither of them could ultimately triumph over the other.

Remember that we are all different and each person is needed.  You are needed, right where you are, and right what you can do to brighten the world around you.  No one can take your place.  Never think because you do not have this talent or that one that your own personality and energy is inadequate.  Whether in poverty or wealth, with beauty or plainness, strength or weakness you fulfill a needed place in this world.

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  1. Comparison's have been a stumbling block for so many through the years Michelle including myself. Fortunately I have used the talents I am aware of and can tell that some good has come of them. Of course I wish I were stronger in other areas but I do what I can to uplift others and that in turn helps me in my walk. This was an excellent post.