Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beneath the Surface

Since my childhood I have been keenly aware of religous bigotry.  The first friend I made in kindergarten had a mother who found the religious opinions of my family and forbade her to play with me, claiming that my religion was non Christian.  Ironically, when my friend rebelled against her mother and told me she would play with me anyway and lie about it I was horrified that she would even think about knowingly breaking one of the Ten Commandments and dishonor her mother.  I refused to allow her to do it and played then by myself that she might not have the shame of sin on her head.

I find similar sentiments among many of my associates.  Many from my own religion would refuse to even consider dating someone outside the faith.  So be it.  The choice of who one marries is a personal matter and if it is truly that important to a person, within themselves, it is their choice.  But I would like to point out a couple of things.  Imagine a ficticious God fearing Jewish woman in the days of the New Testament determining that she could only marry someone who behaved perfectly by the letter of the law in all things.  A man catches her eye but she shuns him on these grounds.  He is somewhat rebellious against the status quo.  At long last she watches as he carries the beam of his cross up to Golgotha.  See my point?  She marries a perfectly cut member of the Jewish faith, who although he does not commit adultery, ogles every woman who passes by. 

It is better to look for friendship in people who hold honest passion for goodness and love of God though they belong to no religion at all than to seek to applaud too loudly those who meet all the so called criteria of a certain faith but beneath the surface are poisonous vipers.  From Abraham to Christ to Martin Luthor, sometimes these rebellious types are the people who most better the world. 


  1. I like the story Crystal tells about guys wanting to date her but she would not because they were not of her faith and would not be going on a mission trip. That post made me like her even more seeing how strong she was in her faith.

  2. I appreciate that and her decision. I also married within the faith. But I have seen too many people treat perfectly good, upstanding fellow creatures with contempt and consider them less because they do not belong to a certain faith. It would grieve me desperately to see someone treat you with contempt because you choose to be an upstanding servant of God in your own way. That is my point. Before we are Mormon, Catholic, Protestant, Jew or otherwise, I hope we realize we are first all children of God.