Monday, April 16, 2012

Breakin' Up is Hard to Do

You know the drill.  Someone amazing enters your life, whether in a romantic sense or otherwise, you give your trust and share your feelings with that person, something goes wrong and you find yourself outside of speaking terms wondering how this happened. 

I have had my heart broken a great many times by a great many people in a great many kinds of relationships.  I have found myself so disappointed in people that I honestly wondered how I could survive the agony of each moment, forcing myself even to breathe and only succeeding with a great deal of pain.  But God taught me something about human relationships.  Let me explain.

I honestly believe that we are all spiritually vast and our existences didn't merely begin with birth and it won't end in death.  I believe that we are spiritual giants and we hardly understand our own value and potential.  When we fall away from a beloved's society perhaps sometimes it is because the relationship we can have with that person is so profound and powerful that it cannot be contained here in this lifetime.  Perhaps heaven alone proves stable enough to hold the mutual joy we will have together someday.  Don't give up.  Do the best you can and have peace that God will work out all things as they ultimately should be.


  1. That is a much better plan than trying to do it all ourselves and realizing later that God could have done it with less pain.

  2. Broken hearts are awful. I worry now that my kids are growing older that I will have to sit by and watch them suffer those pains. It is the way of things, however. None of us can escape this life without heart break. Sadly.