Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cat Fight? Declaw!

I recently had a friend come to me with a distressing situation.  She had attempted to publicly do something kind for someone else about whom she cared deeply.  The person she tried toward which she attempted to be kind had publicly snubbed her.  I was friends with both these ladies and knew the other to sometimes be given to a difficult personality. 

I counseled my friend as best I could and reminded her that another's actions didn't abase her own good behavior in any way.  I turned back to my own life and began working at the office, but the sadness of my friend's situation kept coming back to me and upon much prayer I felt prompted to do something about it.  I wrote on my friend's facebook wall, where it was certain the other woman would see it, that I appreciated the public display she had crafted and reminded her how beautiful and amazing she was and how all who knew her would do well to appreciate her in like manner.  Very soon afterward, this lady who had hitherto been quite rude in her pointed silence, contacted my friend expressing her kindness and appreciation.  By the time she answered my friend had already dried her proverbial tears and realized that she didn't have to be hurt by the offensive behavior. My friend walked away fully empowered.

Notice that I didn't fight back directly.  I felt prompted to say nothing degrading about this lady.  I merely complimented someone else.   Sometimes positive energy is the most effective way of making a point and it certainly is the cleanest method.  When someone berates us we don't have to take a swipe right back.  Just be an uplifting, kind hearted person and things most easily and cleanly fall into place.

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  1. That is a lesson worth repeating to everyone I know. Thanks