Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Change of Heart

Some may recall a blog post I published in the last few days which criticized those who promote pornography and who sexually abuse their wives.  I have since deleted that post, not because it was unjust but because I confess I spoke too harshly and forgot for a moment that those who injure us are still precious children unto God. 

Pornography has long been my arch enemy.  I have seen it destroy lives, marriages, families, and in one case ravaged the mind of one to whom I am very close until she could no longer stand to be in the same room with any man save her father.  Years after the fact she still suffers a great deal and her life in many ways has been shattered by the abusive treatment of her husband to the point that no one who knows her situation much expects her to fully recover in this lifetime.  It is not expected that she will ever have a love life again for the trauma she underwent was too severe.

Nevertheless, she and I agree that no matter what a person does to us, no matter how hardened and cruel they are, we are all children of God.  As one of my great role models, Mahatma Gandhi taught, we can and must win victories through love instead of anger and retribution.  The woman I described not only forgave the man who injured her but put her own life on hold and at her own great expense and even physical peril, for his abuse knew no bounds even unto murder, became his therapist and taught him to turn his life around.  She is still holding him on her battered shoulders, picking him up when he falls and strengthening him when his resolve fails.  His progress has baffled every expert in the field of psychology; he is a fit role model now to many and counts her as his savior.  That is the power of mercy and patience.  That is the power of love unfeigned.

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  1. That is one very special lady. We could learn volumes from her.