Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cover Up

I am a creature of habit.  I tend to attend the same activities at the same time each week.  Consequently, people tend to get to know my mannerisms quite well.  Some time ago, I was wearing a new shirt to a function which I generally attend when in reach upward to do something I usually do this shirt lifted up to expose a large portion of my midriff.  I quickly pulled the shirt down. A man who I know well and who knows my constant habit of dressing modestly immediately took an expression which caused me a great deal of thought.  It was at once a look of shock, panic, protection, and just a slight touch of...ahem.  He's a guy.  Sue him.  But the main emotion was one of protection of me and the understanding that this was something unsuitable. 

I have watched this same man walk past women dressed in next to nothing without batting an eye.  I think we have all gotten used to seeing women wear next to nothing in magazines, on the street, and on television.  We are desensitized to it.  What is the difference?  He wasn't accustomed to that from specifically me.  He knew from experience and also my plain speech that I would never consider wearing so much as a tank top for the love of modesty.  For the years I've known him, I have proven it. 

Take the same concept a step further.  When we dress immodestly we are essentially proclaiming that we do not value our own bodies, that we are open to all the prying eyes of the world and we cheapen ourselves in our own estimation and theirs.  But what of a modestly dressed person?  How much more of an honor is it to that significant other who has the opportunity to see them without the external covering?  How much more of an expression of ultimate love is it when it has not been given away wantonly to the masses?  How much more respect and deep, empowering love will we receive in a honestly matched relationship?  Just a thought.

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  1. You are absolutely right Michelle. In my former employment I would go into my employer's wife's office and she would be seated at her desk and I would be very uncomfortable because there was way too much for me to see. That should not happen as you say.