Thursday, April 19, 2012

Crayon Therapy

As you might have guess, though heaven only knows how, I tend to be on the intellectual, serious side of the aisle.  True it is that I believe in duty before pleasure, responsibility before desire and education before vacation.  I particularly believe that about being a parent and many are the sacrifices we all make in parenthood.  I try to read to my children about an hour per day and tutor them in math, geography, science, classical music and all that jazz.

But sometimes it is necessary and uplifting to sharpen the saw and one of my favorite activities which includes my children, and sometimes without them, is to pick up their half broken Crayolas and dig into a coloring book.  We have some scriptural coloring books for church meetings on Sunday but truth be told, my favorite is my daughter's Care Bear coloring library.  There is something absolutely soul stirring about scribbing out a picture in one of those pages.

Delving into the beauty of Charles Dickens and Jane Austen is wonderful - don't get me wrong.  But even a true bred bookworm needs a juvenile break sometimes. 

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  1. Just another reason to like and respect you Michelle. Proud to know you and your sister.