Friday, April 6, 2012

Do it Like a Lady

My parents both served in the military before I was born.  I am the youngest in my family and my nearest sibling is a brother who studied martial arts from his early childhood.  The vast majority of cousins my age are boys.  I have been a business executive in a construction company since I was 21. 

It isn't always easy to behave like a lady. 

But in this society that expects so much hard core masculinity, competition in the workplace, and non emotional behavior from women, behaving like a lady is one of the most daring, powerful, and intensely courageous things a girl can do.  And they should.  We might do well to encourage women to dress modestly, cleanly, employ becoming language and focus more keenly on the home.  Frankly, men would do well to follow suit. 

So the next time you feel social demands to prove yourself in ways traditionally masculine, dress like a harlot or behave in a crude manner rustle your floor length lace covered skirt and say "I think not."


  1. The more I learn about your amazing family the more impressed I am. You and Crystal are two very smart, inspirational and beautiful ladies. I am proud to know you both.

  2. No dressing like a harlot??!!! You're no fun at all. ;) Just kidding, shelle. Well said.