Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Eternal Romance

We live in a society that increasingly encourages casual sex, widespread adultery, and makes common the use of deranged and degrading pornography.  Let me first express that I understand wanting to be in a relationship. Many feel incomplete without one.  We as human beings are hard wired to want to date, love, marry and the like.  Believe me when I tell you I have been there.  I understand.  But let me explain something to you that might ease your frustration. 

You are precious.  You are worthy of the best.  No matter how weak or vulnerable or abased you are you are still worthy of a happiness that all the world cannot injure or impeach.  You are worth better than to be the subject of careless lust and emotional indifference.  You deserve better.  You deserve perfect happiness.  You, just by being yourself, should have the right to turn down a great many awe inspiring people if they are not your eternal Prince Charming or Lady Fair.  Don't surrender to a relationship that is not rock solid and in which you cannot feel yourself fully and completely respected. 

What if that means you will have to live your entire life without finding a lasting relationship?  I understand that this is a legitimate concern, but I am a rather passionate believer in soul mates.  And I am a passionate believer that God is at the helm and wants the best for each and every one of His children.  It will come.  Whether in this life or not, love will come if you respect it enough to wait for it.  And if it doesn't appear here in the flesh or doesn't fully come into your grasp based on situation or external forces, do not fret.  It may be that the love you and your partner will have is too powerful, too beautiful and too passionate to be held in this lifetime.  Perhaps only heaven itself is stable enough to support so exquisite a relationship as will be yours. 


  1. I wish every teen could read this Michelle. Great post my friend.

  2. I wish I had knows I was worthy of love when I was young. It seems most of us make these mistakes - I know I never even thought a guy I liked would abuse me! Didn't enter my mind. You are pretty innocent at that age, at least I was. Great post.

  3. Thanks guys. It is probably my favorite topic other than bearing testimony of Jesus Christ and the existence of God. I wish I had known it earlier too. Never crossed my mind that I was worthy of anything except heartache.