Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fighting Depression

I was born with a melancholy outlook on life.  Negativity seemed drawn to me and try as I might I couldn't learn to be happy.  I first began contemplating suicide when I was eight.  In truth, I think it was in some manner due to the knowledge I instinctively had that we are eternal, immortal beings and the fact that I found myself stuck in a temporal mortality proved a powerful burden on my heart.  I also believe that it may have something to do with my body's chemistry.  Depression is just something I carry.

I realize that many may be surprised to hear me speak thusly since most of my posts are optimistic.  No, I do not take medication or attend therapy.  God has given us the answer in the fight against depression already.  When I begin to emotionally crumble I serve other people and keep serving selflessly until the bout of depression passes.  I expect nothing back.  Yes, sometimes it has been very painful even to the exhausting of my body.  But it has become one of the defining lessons of my life.  Depression is in essence a very selfish feeling.  Everything is about "me."  We can counter it by acting selflessly.  Eventually the depression all but left me.  My experiences with it now are all but non existent. 

If someone you know battles this ailment, here are a couple of things you might want to consider.  The worst thing one can do is to tell a clinically depressed person to "cheer up."  It feels like venomous mockery.  It is the same as asking a man with no legs to run; they cannot do it.  And to those who are battling the condition themselves, I have another word for you.  Choose happiness.  We tend to cling to depression because we understand it.  It may be a nightmare but it is a nightmare we have always known and understood.  We wonder if we should choose happiness because it is something foreign and it frightens us.  Perhaps we are safer choosing depression.  I have taken that plunge.  Trust me.  It's worth it.  You won't lose who you are.  You will intensify your soul.

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  1. I also have been dealing with depression for a lot of years and personally I am on meds and have been for a long time. I don't like taking all the meds I take but feel I need the assistance.
    Your system seems great and I know helping others is beneficial and will keep that in mind. Thanks for sharing this today.