Sunday, April 22, 2012

George of the Jungle and Romance

Not long ago I had a friend remind me that if a man is in any way complimentary it is only because he has underhanded sensual motives.  This, she warned me, is the law of the jungle and that was that.  She was probably right.  But not being a monkey myself, I see no reason to adhere to jungle rules.

There are higher laws in human emotion than the vine swinging variety.  There are the laws of decency, human kindness and selflessness.  There is a law of love that outweighs lust, self restraint that crushes adultery and spiritual power that overwhelms the littleness of impatient physical demands.  When we allow ourselves to recognize and follow this law and forsake the so called jungle rules we find that we live not in a jungle but in a brilliant and beautiful castle like the children of God we are.  I have mentioned my favorite orator, John Taylor, before.  Here is another of my favorite quotes from the man.  "You may say 'but that is not natural'.  Then we ought to be changed from nature to grace." 

This kind of powerful romantic love is not a mere idea saved for a purer life somewhere out in the distant universe.  It is here.  It is now.  It is before us if we will see it and value it for what it is.  I realize that it may take a great leap of faith to recognize that there is a higher way of life.  Trust that it exists.  We may remember Luke Skywalker attempting to raise his ship out of the Dagobah swamp.  It sinks lower.  Then Yoda stretches out his hand and saves the sunken vessel.  Luke says breathlessly "I don't believe it."  Answers Yoda, "That is why you failed."

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  1. Sadly in today's society, especially the upper teens to 20's there seems to be a lack of "believing" and too much doubt. I wish more people could approach life with your perspective and live happier lives. Thanks for all you do, it is appreciated.