Thursday, April 26, 2012

Get Away From the Wolves

As a junior high school kid I found myself often the butt of jokes and was treated exceedingly harshly by classmates.  Indeed, it often seemed that the entire school delighted in making my life miserable.  I was hit, punched, kicked, slammed into lockers, insulted, degraded and spat upon, to mention only a few items.

I recall a few people coming to me alone and individually saying things like "Why are you rude to me?  I haven't done anything to you.  It was everyone else."  I have to ask you - what kind of company do you think they kept? 

If you or I are alone in a forest and are attacked by a pack of ravenous wolves seeking blood, what are you or I going to do?  Likely, we will pick up the biggest stick we can find and start swinging at anything with fur.  One in such a situation finds oneself under an enormous amount of pressure and doesn't always have time to sit back thinking "well that particular wolf doesn't seem all too dangerous."  A wolf in the midst of a pack who is not trying to stop its peers is still a threat. 

When we see someone injured at the hands of our fellows, we would do best to stop the aggressors, but if not, to distance ourselves from them.  If we fail to do at least that, what else what are we but one of the blood thirsty pack? 


  1. Bullies are a disgrace to our society and something I cannot tolerate. There is only so much you can do when it is someone else's child but I sure want to teach my grandchildren how wrong it is to be rude to others. Great post Michelle.

  2. I'm sorry those kids were mean and didn't see your great worth. You were right to be suspicious of their friends. Anyone would have felt the same.

  3. Thanks Crys. I am not sorry for the experiences I have had if it renders me any wiser to be able to help others. But I appreciate your compassion. It has been needed.