Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gimme Some Love

This can be a dark world.  Humanity itself is on the decline in the face of moral indecency, abuse, and an increasing lack of self respect.  Women are expected to be everything that they naturally are not including harlots and tough masculine career girls.  Men are often generally expected to be players and abusive adulterers. 

Give the world some love.  If you have a feeling of goodwill toward others, show it!  Smile more, have some courage and tell someone you care about them.  Engage in community service and seek to break the present status quo.  Women, dress modestly, speak tenderly and remember that a guy doesn't deserve your physical person unless he can walk the line.  In other words, show respect for yourself and others.

Men, I personally implore you to stand a little taller.  I know that there are decent, honest, mushy feelings in that heart of yours.  I have had the privilege to sometimes be surprised at how tender guys can be in reference to a person, a beautiful sunset, or the like.  Help to slay our dragons, boys.  Openly praise women who show self respect and decency.  If a woman acts like a harlot, ignore them.  Seriously.  It isn't impossible.  There is a whole slew of quiet, strong, and utterly beautiful damsels in distress out there.  Don your manly armor and get to work. 


  1. I have no desire to be a career person. I'm glad that's okay. I often feel my lack of desire to make money is looked upon as a flaw.

  2. Your being a woman, it should never be considered a flaw, Crys. I work because I have to do so but I've never much cared about money.