Monday, April 9, 2012

Happiness is a Bag of Mixed Nuts

My sister Crystal works with me at my parents' construction company and together we take care of the clerical work within the office.  Recently she came in with a bag of salted mixed nuts and we chatted for a while about the frustrations going on in her life.  She offered me some and I sought to counsel her on the issues and annoyances she was facing.

Sometimes it seems that we chase after life seeking for happiness in clothes, fame, reputation, achievements and general popularity.  But these things don't really fulfill.  My sister might argue that one regarding clothes, but you understand the point.  Happiness is in the quiet moments with those about whom we care the most.  Sometimes we just need to turn off the constant race for worldly things and enjoy the moment.  It may not be flashy, glamorous, widely seen or popular.  But when all said and done, those are the moments that matter most. 


  1. Yes, I think true happiness is found in God, love, nature and people. We can actually be happy with very little.

  2. I find happiness just walking with my two dogs on a warm sunny day or watching my two young grandsons playing with a dog. It is really why I titled my blog The Simple Life. I like the way you think Michelle.

  3. Belle, I like the order of your priorities. Yes, Odie, I spent some time today, as I often try to do, in sitting on the steps in my front yard gazing at my rose bushes in bloom. Exquisite way to spend some good time.