Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Lady's Thoughts

*Written as one of several poems on the same theme, opening and widing the common plot.  There is another written primarily from the man's viewpoint and a third that encompasses all the themes together.

I ponder in my beaudoir fair
Of dark and sacred night
While heaven glimmers twinkling
A soft and hopeful light.

The gentle breeze turns southerly
And drifts from Northern seas
Where gentleman of manly strength
Of mind drops to his knees

And fills the angels’ gentle ears
With raptured songs of love
Of one who listens patiently
For echoes from above.

I find in him the mirrored match
Of soul I wish to gain
So as he drifts I try my heart
And quiet here remain.

I know not day nor hour yet
Of culmination’s joy
Nor when my heart shall bind to his
And emptiness destroy.

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