Saturday, April 14, 2012

Positive Intelligence

Having always carried a passion for study and learning I have often found myself among what I would term as intellectual amateurs.  I can always tell who they are by their attitude regarding any given topic on the table.  They are those who speak very distinctly and, employing every minute shred of evidence whether fact or fiction, seek to play devils advocate and prove conclusively that whatever someone says is not the absolute fact.  They seek to elevate themselves above others by diminishing positive aspects of humanity.  Most notably in their attacks are religion, moral decency, and honest emotions.  They treat with scorn goodness and descend to questionable argumentative tactics to prove their intellectual superiority.

My friends, this is not intelligence.  Descending to negativism in order to sound intelligent proves not a person's intelligence but only their commitment to negativity and their own personal insecurity.  It illustrates that they are not happy with their own conclusions unless they can triumph over someone else's.  Allow me to explain what I believe true intelligence demonstrates.

True intelligence and true education is positive.  It studies foreign ideas with respect and strives to see the good in not only them but also the traditional ideas from home.  It is calculated to uplift and inspire all those around them for a selfless purpose.  It rejoices in humility, seeks the silver lining, and finds goodness in human feelings.  It analyzes the world around it in order to appreciate it better and to make it a happier place.  It does all things in love and with pure intentions.  It reaches upward.  Let us seek to do something with honest and pure intelligence today.

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