Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Purpose of Pain

I think it is safe to say I have known what pain is.  Among many other constituents I might mention I suffer from seizures and partial amnesia occasioned by psychological trauma.  I remember many times my mind being squeezed as though in a vise, my spirit wracked with sharp, piercing anguish and my body convulsing from the pain of my injured emotions.  I recall praying to God saying "I have always tried to do what was right.  I am willing now to forgive those who have injured me, act as uprightly as Thou givest me strength and do all Thou wouldst command.  Why then does this pain continue?"  The answer came "The point is not to be out of pain."

What does pain give us?  It renders us experience, wisdom, conviction, and knowledge.  It teaches us how to succor others in distressing situations.  It hopefully helps us cultivate patience, if we allow it to be our teacher.  It enhances our relish for good things when we have it and increases our gratitude for the little things we might have taken for granted before, such as being free from it.  It can help us prioritize our lives and focus on our blessings.  If I injure my back I can be grateful for my feet, which do not ache as my back does. 

But whatever the pain and whatever the lesson, one fact stands paramount.  God is at the helm.  He does not allow His children to endure any trial that is not calculated toward their ultimate good.  I have walked through brutality, death, shattered hopes and crushed dreams.  And every single trial has had its purpose. 


  1. Pain does indeed teach us Michelle. I am really sorry to know that you have experienced the kind of pain I can only imagine from this post. Crystal has touched on some pain she endured as well.
    My real moment of pain came on Christmas day 2008 when I let situations get to me and decided to end my existence. Fortunately I was brought back and have not let circumstances rule my life any more. That was a tough lesson my friend but a valuable one for me.
    I hope you have a blessed Sunday and I really am getting a lot out of your blogs.

  2. I have also suffered from emotional trauma from abuse from my father. I suppose it has made me more compassionate and perhaps led me to God for help. I only know I must trust God and that we live in a world of sin and pain because of the war between good and evil. May God help you on your life's journey. Thank you for sharing your pain.