Monday, April 2, 2012


So you have a major test before you?  Are you overwhelmed with the stress of work, family, personal projects, and the like?  Is the pressure crushing you under its weight?  There is a foolproof way of lightening the load in your mind.

The brain has only a certain amount of space wherein all the troubles, concerns, stresses, functions and issues of life can lie.  There are some stresses that must exist within the mind and are healthy and necessary in order to provide a happy life.  But there is one section of the mind that can always lighten in some manner, leaving increased room for the more important things.  Forgive someone.  Before that major exam for which you have been incessantly cramming, forgive someone.  It will allow the mind to relax and creates more space in the mind for mobility.  It will allow you to face dilemmas head on with greater flexibility and allow you to be quicker on your toes than you would otherwise prove.  Release the weight of a grudge on your mind and your mind will perform better for you.


  1. I think you hit the nail on the head with that one Michelle. I know of a few people who "never" forget and rarely forgive anyone that has ticked them off for one reason or another. Their minds must be so awful heavy and burdened. I will make a point to use your technique daily to relax my mind and hopeful function as a better person. Thanks for your contribution to our good health.

  2. Nice post. Holding a grudge is exhausting.