Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Show Me Your Stuff

One of the great emotional pains I carry every day is seeing particular people I love attempting to hide behind the image he or she wishes to portray rather than accepting themselves as God made them.  They wear all the “right” clothes, dye their hair the color they believe is most fashionable, and talk incessantly about the activities they do that they believe will draw a desired social reaction.  Calm down, my beloved friends!

I have one acquaintance that breaks my heart relentlessly.  He is completely unaware that if he would trust what the Lord made of him in the first place he would immediately see the kind of results he wants.  The results he continually seeks remain a universe away.  Why?  Because he is kicking against the pricks by trying to conform to something that is beneath him. 

If we want people to value the real us, value us for who we are, and love us to the center, we need to show them who we are.  People are not mind readers.  Show them what lies beneath, revert to a simple and honest style of dress and activity and you will realize that you already had what it took to impress the world all along. 

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