Friday, April 13, 2012

Smell the Roses

I used to believe that life was something of a race.  The more I read, the more there was to read.  The more talents I found I had, the more I felt a need to culminate them into something profound.  The more I progressed at work, the further I felt I could go.

Then my life changed and I have found the honest power of calming the ongoing frenzy in which many of us live our lives.  I found that it is not only wise but necessary to stop and examine the beauty in life.  God taught me to notice and appreciate more fully the smell of flowers, the texture of petals, and the exquisite power in a quiet moment of natural grace.  We spend much of our time on the computer, driving in the car, and planning out our ever crowded lives.  Perhaps some of us have forgotten that we are eternal spirits whose potential extends forever before us and that God placed beauty in our pathways for us to notice and enjoy.  I used to feel selfish and wrong in enjoying soft quiet moments like this.  I always felt that I should be serving someone else or being so called "productive" in some manner or other.  When we stop and enjoy the beauty around us, we are indeed being productive.  We are gaining wisdom, calming and soothing our spirits and cultivating a stronger relationship with those things that really matter most. 

I hope that you know that you can stop here to find one of those quiet moments of thought. 


  1. I discovered that a while back and come here just for that purpose Michelle. Thanks for the wisdom and inspiration. Have an awesome weekend.

  2. The quiet moments with nature are those I always remember. Our spirit needs them.

  3. You are quite welcome, Odie. So very true, Belle.