Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Strip Down

Oh, get your mind out of the gutter! Don't you know me by now?  Those who know me best know that I have never been attached to money or material possessions.  I am a financial executive precisely because my superior knows she can (and does) hand me the key to millions of dollars and I will all but yawn.  Theft isn't in my vocabulary.

We all probably know this, but materialism doesn't lead to happiness.  One of the most cherished places on this earth to me is a tiny Mexican town called Turicachi.  It is my mother's hometown.  I recall from my infancy the adobe houses with dirt floors, holes in the walls, and not only a lack of toilets but also of outhouses.  Turicachi is more precious to me than gold laced terraces and polished marble floors.  There exists in this speck of a town some of the most powerful emotions in the range of human feeling.  The people may be starving but will offer you their last crumb out of hospitality.  They will give you the last shirt off their backs and enjoy the warmth of a good deed.  Not only do they lack internet connections but telephones in their homes.  And it is a joy to visit there.  I always feel something of a pang of regret in returning to the States afterward.  We may think "Poor people.  They have nothing."  They say of us "Poor people.  All they have is fat and debt." 

Real answers aren't usually found on the internet.  True beauty isn't found in glamour and dramatic clothing.  And all the McDonald french fries in the world isn't going to feed the soul.  Let go of the chaotic world that surrounds us.  Turn off your computer and sit in the dirt, staring up into the sky for a while. You will have all you need.


  1. Sometimes after reading a post like this Michelle I just want to give you a hug. Everything you said is so true and I yearn for that simple life as well. Your blog is a ray of golden sunshine for me and I thank you.

  2. Right back atcha, my friend. Your comments are equally appreciated. Hugs are innocent and free. Consider your virual hug reciprocated.