Tuesday, April 3, 2012

To Cheat or Not to Cheat?

I can honestly say I have never had an affair in my life.  I can honestly say I have never cheated on a boyfriend.  And yes, I have had scores of offers; some of them have proven very tempting. I understand that when a relationship is rocky it is particularly hard to remain morally strong.  We are all humans and a great many people I love have cheated on their significant others.  They do it for different reasons but the one I want to address is the one that provides the most power in argument.  I have considered it in detail for a very long time.  It is the argument that after they tied the knot they found they were actually in love with someone else.  Therefore they could do nothing else but to give themselves to the person they loved.
I am not convinced.  If it is honest to goodness love then love is patient, kind, decent and honest.  Love abhors the idea of injuring anyone, no matter the situation.  Love, if it is love, can wait forever until it can find an honest, upstanding, resting place.  It can wait until circumstances are right, all things are placed in order, wounds are mended and the injured are healed.  If it is love then God can and will bring it to pass without the parties involved engaging in moral indecency.  The bedroom can wait, if it is love. 

The kind of so called love that induces people to cheat is lust.  Pure and sinful - oops, I mean simple.  Lust is impatient, demanding and eventually leads to unhappiness.  It falls apart under pressure.  And the argument that we can do nothing else but give in to our feelings?  Hardly.  It is a conscious choice we make.  I understand it can be a difficult one, but walking with a clean conscience proves fully satisfying as a just and merited reward.

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  1. There are lots of temptations in the world to do the wrong thing and it is so important to stay focused on our marriage and our spouse.

    You're on a roll Michelle and this is another good one. Thanks