Tuesday, April 24, 2012

True Beauty and the Danger of Glamour

Anyone who knows me knows I dress and act rather simply.  I have had people taunt and insult me for being less than fashionable but it is something I simply have not in me to manage.  I am often surrounded by women who are masters at striking poses and know every makeup trick in the book.  They are very lovely women. 

But one thing strikes me as I pen this post here in the city of Las Vegas.  The more a person attempts to assert their physical beauty, the harder they have potential to fall from the insults of a naysayer.  We have all seen or heard of a kind of a woman who piles on several inches of makeup every morning, wears exceedingly revealing clothing and seems to be completely unaware that she is terribly unattractive.  You know the type.  By simply dressing in the manner she does, in seeking the glory of glamour she holds herself up as a subject of derision by all who see her.

Now let me ask a disturbing question.  What if you personally, and I personally, are not as attractive as we think?  What if that is all in our heads?  How much of an embarrassment do you or I want to make of ourselves?  Isn’t it better to prove clean, modest, healthy, open, and unassuming?  One keeps vigor longer that way and also never runs the risk of getting caught being too old to dress the way one does.  When we dress and act with simplicity and forget all the rest, we generally don’t attract naysayers of our beauty and find ourselves pleasantly surprised when people do show appreciation.  When it comes right down to it, glamour equals stress.  And stress is terrible for the skin.

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  1. You are so right Michelle and I live with a couple of females that I refer to as high maintenance babes. Both my wife and her now 19 year old daughter make regular trips to the nail parlor getting their fingers and toes decorated with not just color but designs as well. And should they break one of those nails they hurry down to get it repaired. They also spend way too much time in tanning beds which I have tried to explain how dangerous they can be. They are set in their ways so I guess that settles that. I wish it were different.
    Keep preaching my friend.