Monday, April 30, 2012

United We Stand

As Americans we have a powerful, beautiful and poignant legacy of religious freedom.  We have so many reasons to respect and admire each other for the sacrifices the religions in America have made to better our lives.  The very Constitution is an inspired document resting primarily on the backs of Protestants for which we rightly owe them great thanks.  The Jews, by their pain and through their innocent blood, gave not only Americans but the entire world in the Second World War a blood chilling reminder that we need religious tolerance and interdenominational respect. We cannot do without it.  The Muslims have taught us to be careful in judging an entire culture by the evil behavior of a few.  I myself have a great passion for the virtues embodied in the Native American and Oriental religions which I believe offer us an added dimension to spirituality and all things divine.  In this fast paced society we desperately need the calmness and oneness with nature that such religions inspire. 

Today we are witnessing a brutal attack on relgious freedom.  The brunt of that attack has been falling on our purest of Catholics but a restriction of the upstanding conscience of one is a direct attack on us all.  We know this.  We are all brethren and sisters and we cannot watch one of our own under such horrid treatment as this and do nothing.  Let us therefore take the first step.  Let us unite together in a fellowship of love, regardless of religious faith, and strengthen each other in decency and compassion.  As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints I can speak for the Mormons when I tell you that one of the fundamental articles of faith in my religion is that "We claim the privilege of worshipping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, when or what they may." 

The Book of Mormon contains an account of an oncoming army seeking to destroy the religious rights of a nation.  A young captain named Moroni rent his coat and wrote upon it "In memory of our God, our religion, our peace, our wives and our children" and made it the national banner of liberty.  Let us resist religious tyranny in like manner.  Let us unite in love, mutual respect, honor and compassion, for if we are united we cannot fall.  

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