Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Well Hey There, Sexy! Yes, You!

You are good enough.  Period.  Your physique is good enough.  Case closed.  Man, woman, makes no difference.

We tend to hear a great deal in this society that we have to meet a stereotypical image of beauty.  We have to be some perfect ideal or else society tends to berate us into thinking that we are unworthy of love, affection, respect, and admiration.  Untrue. 

Take a good look at my photo on the right.  I'm not exactly Jessica Rabbit.  One would think that because I have a comparatively microscopic waistline that this kind of social pressure doesn't apply to me.  Wrong.  One might be surprised at how many hits I've taken from the tender age of eleven for not being more curvaceous.  And the curvy women often tell me that they wished they could look like me.  Stop the madness.  We are  who we are, and that is okay.

We often think that if we could just have a significant other who would make us feel better by loving us enough everything would be solved.  Wrongly thought.  A partner may worship the ground upon which we tread but unless we turn our own perspectives, we will still wince when we glance in the mirror. 

So never mind the whole physical competition out there.  There will always be a guy with better biceps or a lady with a more beautiful and accepted form.  What matters is what is on the inside.  What matters is the person underneath.  There will ever and always be only one Michelle, and there will ever and always be only one of you.

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  1. That sure takes a lot of pressure off. Thanks a bunch Michelle. Have a great rest of your Tuesday.