Friday, May 11, 2012

Act Your Age

I have often heard people, and usually men, laughingly refer to themselves as grown up children.  They play with legos, watch cartoons, and the like.  I find that a healthy frame of mind, provided they engage in such activities sparingly in fairly rare moments of deep relaxation or when caring for children.  But sometimes I fear we take the concept rather too far.  I recently spent two hours listening to someone who insisted in recounting several cartoons in vigorous detail.  This person is older than I am. 

I know several people in this frame of mind and imagine you might as well.  I have noticed something about such people that seems to be a trend.  Often when childish amusements fill the bulk of one's entertainment, the person's personal habits tend toward sloppiness.  I find this particularly in their eating habits.  They are more inclined to junk food, rotted teeth, and find it difficult to live in the here and now.  The rather older ones tend to be mentally stuck in the decades of their youth.  They tend to have emotional problems, particularly in dating and more mature relationships.

My dear friends, let us act our ages.  Let us realize that we are not here on this earth to prove stagnant but to progress in all things.  Let us rejoice in our physical maturity and count it a blessing to have experienced that which we have.  Let us stand taller that we might uplift and inspire the young to grow up into strong and mentally active men and women we so desperately need to carry the world into a brighter and stronger future. 

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