Friday, May 18, 2012

An Apple Fell and Changed the World

I have been gearing up for summer with my beautiful children.  I love summer because I have more time to be with them and teach them.  I sometimes make them picture books to teach them rather higher level art, nutrition, biology and the like, and yesterday I began drafting a page devoted to Isaac Newton.  As I studied and relearned the concept of gravitational force which we all know so well, something caught my attention.

We generally think of gravity as the earth bringing something toward it, but the lesson doesn't end there.  Newton also said that in its own way, according to its own mass, the apple also had an effect on the earth.  Two objects have pulls on each other.  That apple had an effect on the earth.

So what is my point?  Sometimes we feel terribly insignificant and look up to others as being the fit rulers, role models, and popular figures while we languish in obscurity.   But each one of us, no matter how quietly we behave or insignificant we feel, has an effect on everyone else.  You do matter.  No matter how small your sphere of influence, you matter.  Your life force touches others.  Your attitude whether fair or foul, has an effect on those around you.  Even if you cannot see the effects, they exist.  I haven't the time to write an earth shattering text filled with years of study and research.  But I can write books for my young children, and in raising the next generation I can indeed change the world. 

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