Monday, May 28, 2012

The Bethlehem Star

Great darkness spread across the trembling earth

And stole through cities vast and wide expanse.

It stifled into mourning human mirth

And demons loosed in all consuming dance

 Triumphant in their soul destructive glee.

It seemed that no great devil could enhance

Contention for it ran through spirits free.

But look! Above the darkness’ evil space

What is it there that those with shackles see?

It glows as sweet as heaven’s tender grace

And reaches through the sinfulness to man

Destroying inclinations foul and base

And rendering to soul the strength to stand

Reminds us truth of who we really are.

It forges goodness to a mighty band

Of righteous souls from near and ever far

And lends us Captain to our bless├ęd fight.

For yonder see the Bethlehem’s bright star. 

It pierces through the dark and shadowed night

Extending peace and hope throughout the ranks

And flooding hell with heaven’s holy light.

So when the darkness seems too strong to bear

Gaze heavenward toward power shining there. 

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