Thursday, May 3, 2012

Eat Up!

I had a delightful salad today.  Lettuce, apples, candied pecans, gorgonzola cheese, dried cranberries and light Italian dressing.  Crunch, munch, crunch.  My snack after that was a bowl of sweet seedless watermelon chunks.  And I can't survive without my sushi run once a week.  But you know what I really love?  Those in the Tucson area can visit a place called the Harvest that has this lamb shank dish that just melts off the bone along with pumpkin based ratatouille.  The flavor explodes in your mouth and then starts dancing. 

Yesterday I made green peppers stuffed with rice, hamburger, tomato and a few savory seasonings.  Fresh banana bread from the oven made a nice snack thereafter.  And then I started munching on dates.  I might later hit the Outback for a good steak or just make some carne asada with onions and peppers at home Mexican style. 

Are you drooling on the keyboard yet?  Oh, good.  Then I can go on with my point.  I never mentioned junk food.  I never listed anything that would harm a physical body.  Oh sure, we can sit on a couch and munch a bag of Doritos but where is the imagination in that?  Let's take care of our bodies and souls by taking healthful food into our tanks and in the process exercise creativity and savor life.  So never mind the things your body doesn't need.  There are so many wonderful things at our disposal that uplifts and aids. 

And most importantly, it tastes yummy.  

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