Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Free Speech

Fairly recently I encountered a man who had read my blog and had become rather incensed by some things I had written.  Particularly upsetting to him was my attitude toward pornography, sexual abuse and the like.  He indicated that my blog made people angry and continued by various ways and means to belittle my opinions in this area. 

I confess, I had so little expected such an attack and have ever only attempted to make this blog an uplifting place, promoting moral decency and mutual human respect that I was quite taken aback to the point that I nearly deleted my blog.  I certainly stopped writing for nearly a week, though I continued posting things I had written previously.  But then I considered the source.  What kind of a man would be upset over such a view unless he felt himself wronged by it?  And what person would consider himself wronged unless he had an issue with his conscience in reference to women and his treatment of them?  I do not pretend to know his history; I cannot attempt to judge his motives. 

But it brings up something that we all treasure as Americans.  No one forced this man to read my blog.  No one threatened that he had better do so.  If he or anyone else disagrees with my opinions, let them find a different manner in which to spend their time.  They have a right so to do.  I invite all who wish to read what I have to say to do so, and I enjoy speaking my mind in this manner.  I do not visit pornography websites and then become enraged at what I see, write the man in charge and complain.  I avoid such sites altogether.  Let us respect each others' right to harbor opinions and also respect our own right to view, read, and participate in those things which bring us joy. 

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