Friday, May 4, 2012

Gender Confusion

Some years ago I stepped onto an airplane and headed toward my seat near the back.  The young fella who happened to have the seat next to me seemed altogether too excited to be in such close proximity to me for the hour and a half trip back home.  I spent most of the flight attempting to sidestep his various attempts at hitting on me.  Then finally as we were about to land he turned to me and flirtatiously but accusingly said "Oh sure, just don't ask for my number."

I was stunned.  The audacity of his unrelenting flirtations aside I was first and foremost astonished that he expected me to be the man in the situation.  Call me old fashioned but that just isn't the woman's job!  I have also had guys thrust their email addresses into my hands, beg me incessantly to call them but refuse to call me, and the like. Once in high school when I was attempting to figure this whole guy/girl thing out, I did in fact call a guy who seemed otherwise difficult to reach.  I found that when I have to pursue a fellow I lose all respect for his manhood.  He not only insults my femininity by such behavior, I felt, but sacrifices his own masculinity. 

Another one of my crazy ideas. Men and women are inherently different.  I know it's shocking to think such a thing in this society but really, it is true.  And it's a good thing.  We were meant to be ourselves and compliment each other.  Men are hard wired to be pursuers, hunters, and ultimately victorious on the field of emotional battle.  Women are, among other things, wired to be goddesses worthy of being wooed and intelligent enough to accept the wholly masculine, pursuing man she really wants, eliminating all others from her heart.  So let's just all be ourselves. 

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