Friday, May 4, 2012

How to Win the Dating Game

I don't watch television much but my favorite sitcom is an old one called Hogan's Heroes.  It is a hysterical comedy set in a Nazi prisoner of war camp where the Nazis are very unintelligent and the prisoners have them wrapped around their fingers.  They have an underground tunnel system that includes a French chef, steam rooms, radio communications and a chemistry lab to make dynamite et cetera.  They destroy German bridges and factories by night and line up for role call with innocent expressions in the morning.  The Nazi commander often asks the senior POW Robert Hogan for advice in personal matters. 

At one point he asks Colonel Hogan for advice on women.  Hogan being a casanova tells him that the most important thing is the sweet things you whisper into her ear when you are alone.  Baffled, the Nazi asks what kind of things.  With a self satisfied and confident smirk, Hogan answers him with the single triumphant word, "lies."  He then expounds upon the fact that women want to look up to the man they love and no man can really reach that pedestal with the simple truth.  He then gives the Nazi commander some lines to use on his desired lady while a rather unintelligent Nazi officer snivels sentimentally in the background. 

But I digress.  As hilarious as I find this flick, there is of course something to be said.  Here's your "eat your vegetables" part of this post - the part that is annoying uplifting and altogether true.  It may be a crazy idea, but I can't help thinking that instead of chasing after women trying to come up with lies and then having your face slapped when they discover the truth it might prove advisable to concentrate energies on being your best self, improving your character and accomplishments and then after being yourself and naturally having every last victim of the opposite gender dying of love for the honest you, you can pick the one you really want at your leisure and have a solid and commited relationship forever.  Just a thought.

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