Friday, May 11, 2012

Live and Let Live

Some time ago I found myself engaged in a political discussion with a man who argued that he supported the idea that we should allow other people to act injudiciously and in a manner out of harmony with generally accepted ideas of right and wrong without punishment.  "Live and let live" he concluded.  I agreed with the following point:

Yes, we should live and let live.  But part of my life includes promoting what I believe to be right and discouraging what I believe to be wrong.  That is part of my right to live according to how I see fit.  I would not be living to my satisfaction without that. 

Often we are chided and regarded as bigots if we do not support legalized marijuana, gay marriage, child pornography and the like.  But who is the bigot?  Is it not fair that we have the right to cast our own ballots according to the dictates of our own consciences?  Is it somehow the right of others to badger and insult us because we believe in promoting traditional ideas of moral decency?  Allow me to make a distinction.  Some of my best clients have been very good masculine gay couples.  They are delightful.  I would do lunch with them anytime. But when it comes to casting my ballot, I have the right to cast it in a manner according to my desire to promote marriage as something sacred between one man and one woman.  Let them vote as they will.  But do not persecute me for voting as I will.


  1. People like us aren't self-righteous bigots, we are enlightened! And its up to people like US to let the gays know that being gay is EVIL. I couldnt agree with you more when you say that being gay is just like watching child pornography. Both evil and both sick.
    People who say that we are self-righteous are probably secretly gay and probably do all kinds of bad things! The Truth is that all gay people should be treated with kindness and love, but they should be required to get counseling or be institutionalized so they can be fixed and live the life they were put on this earth to live!

  2. I did a blog recently saying "It's not that hard to understand". The majority of people in this country are or consider themselves to be christians that believe in what the bible says. It could not be plainer that God loves us "ALL" but hates the sins that some of us commit. It burns me when I see crowds of "church" people holding signs saying that God hate certain people. We need to love all our neighbors but still as you say vote the way we believe.

  3. I appreciate that Odie. April, I totally agree that in my line of worship homosexuality is a transgression and I stand my ground on that. I do not wish to harm anyone but I am saying I have a right to hold my own opinion as it pertains to my own secret ballot. It sounds like you get some persecution there yourself and I'm sorry to hear it. But I try to also remember that I sin as well, though I sin differently. Yes, we should obey God's laws including avoiding envy, gluttony, lying, lust, judging others and the like. I can't very well insist that someone else seek professional help for their sins unless I am willing to look myself squarely in the mirror and recognize that I am a sinner too.