Friday, May 18, 2012

Miracles: A Word to the Atheists

I have spent many years listening thoughtfully to arguments some people have employed to discredit spiritual miracles in support of the idea that God does not exist and that things happen randomly in our lives.  They argue that people who believe in God are foolish.  I cite one such arguement upon which I stumbled fairly recently in relation to the Roman Emperor Constantine.  For those who don't know the story, he was the first Roman Emperor to support Christianity.  On the eve of a major battle, he was told by the Lord that if he fought in the name of Jesus he would win.  A cross appeared in the sky, and his troops attacked in the name of Christianity.  Sure enough, they won this very important battle. 

I read an account of this along with a suggestion that scholars think it might have been merely a strange alignment of certain planets that created this cross in the heavens and thus the story had no spiritual merit.  I cannot help smiling and exercising compassion on their poor, dear ignorance. 

It stands to reason that since God created all things in the heavens and beneath it, it is certainly within His reach to employ the planets and stars to His own purposes.  Let's assume that these scholars are right.  The cross in the heavens might have occurred because of certain aligning planets.  And who controls the planets?  Who created them?  God created all things from the Red Sea to the burning bush to the walls of Jericho and certainly He knows the natural laws that govern them.  Having created nature itself as we know it, He can perform feats that though to Him are quite simple, we quite rightly call miracles.

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