Monday, May 7, 2012

Mix it Up

Life is beautiful!  Life is something we have the choice and opportunity to enjoy to its fullest.  We can soar in the highest wind or explore the reaches of the deepest ocean.  Sometimes we need to break away from our typical occupations to find new things that can open our minds.  Don't be afraid to try. 

I have always been touched by beautiful language.  Allow me to share a few favorite passages with you.  The first is from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.  Says broken hearted and slighted Helena, "Love looks not with the eyes but the mind and wherefore is the winged Cupid painted blind? For ere Demetrius looked on Hermia's eyne, he hailed down oaths that he was only mine." It is a commentary on the fickleness of men, the nature of love and attraction, and leaves the reader satisfied that he or she has done something altogether classy by reading it.

There is another passage that absolutely slays me no matter how many times I hear it, which is really quite often.  It is from cowboy songwriter and vocalist Marty Robbins's Strawberry Roan.  He is relating a tale of being thrown by a wicked old horse when he had boasted he could ride anything. Robbins sings, "He's about the worst bucker I've seen on the range.  He'll turn on a nickel and give you some change.  He hits on all fours and goes up on high, leaves me a-spinnin' up there in the sky.  I turns over twice and I comes back to earth.  I lights into cussin' the day of his birth." 

Do something unexpected today.  Whether listening to an opera for the first time to reading a random comic book from the library shelves, make an effort to expand your horizons.  You just might learn to love whatever it is you've been avoiding.

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  1. It is fun to try new things. It makes life more interesting!