Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Other Side of the Tracks

Let's stretch our souls a bit today, shall we?  I often yearn to stretch my spiritual legs but I try to keep my blog posts fairly simple to create short, uplifting tidbits that people can easily blow through in a short time.  Today let's take our gaze outward to the other side of the tracks.  This applies no matter what side of the tracks you currently find yourself.

I come from a rich family.  It's true.  My parents are quite well supplied and live in a four story split level mansion.  But I grew up on the side of Tucson to which most people refer as the wrong, bad, dangerous and poor area of the city.  I grew up at Salvation Army and Goodwills when my clothes were not hand tailored by my mother.  Those who have not spent much time in the ghetto, let me give you a rather surprising reality check.  The residents there are people, too.  There is love in the poor areas of town.  There is heart felt sacrifice for family members.  There are parents grieving terribly that they cannot give their children something better. 

Those who look outward and see rich, pampered snobs looking down their noses at you, I have news for you.  They don't think themselves better than you for the most part.  They are afraid of you because you live in a world that they know would crumble them in a moment.  And they aren't all snobby, self centered gold diggers either.  Many of them started where you are now.  I know a great many wealthy people that give to others who have less than they do in a way that would stun any preconceived notions of the selfish rich. 

The fact is we are all human beings.  We all have emotions, and I think most want to help others.  Let's try to bridge the social gap between social classes and realize that no matter the wealth or poverty of another person, we can always find something in common, we can love and respect each other and learn from what the other has to share.

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