Friday, May 11, 2012

Pro Love

I love all people.  I love those who act in manners contrary to my opinions of right and wrong.  I love the women who feel themselves required to abort their unborn chidren.  I love those who recklessly choose late term abortion for reasons self centered and entirely lacking in love in and of themselves.  I love passionately those innocent victims of abortion. 

I cannot in good conscience excuse the choice of late term abortion.  I cannot in good conscience condone those who make irresponsible choices and then choose abortion to avoid consequences.  I still love the women who make that choice.  I understand that some say that in the case of rape or the mother being in physical danger by keeping the baby that they are justified in abortion.  Let them make their choices as they will.  But let me share two relative stories on the subject.

I know a woman who was severely abused by her husband.  She pleaded in prayer that God spare her having children until this man had undergone therapy and changed his life.  She would have left him but for fear.  She bore two children by him.  Those children are the light and joy of her life and have been instrumental in allowing her to heal from the scars of trauma.  They are special children and all who know them adore them.  Another woman I know was told during her pregnancy that she had cancer of the uterus and had to abort the daughter in order to have surgery to save her life.  She refused.  Against all odds and in a situation nothing short of miraculous she bore the healthy girl, recovered from childbirth, and then had a full hysterectomy.  The lovely daughter will be married this July and the mother will be there to share in her joy. 

Let us have a little more love for each other.  Let us dare to have a little more faith that things will work out if we strive to protect innocent children.  Let us recognize that whatever the situation, children are a beautiful gift from the Almighty and are to be cherished and enjoyed.


  1. I fully agree about late term abortions. If they wait that long they need to have the baby and there should be no exceptions.

  2. Thas what Im Sayin girl! I say if some fool b abusin his ho than she got all the right in tha world to take them kids AND his paycheck, no what Im sayin! If some fool b abusin me you know, Id go off and have his friends baby and tell him its his! Im all right with your post girl! Go get it girl!

  3. Thanks Odie. Shakisha, I've got to say that I wouldn't let any foul man's friends get their filthy paws on me, but you may be certain that if a guy is going to have the right to so much as kiss my shoes he's going to have to walk the line beforehand and after. Loves to you, my lady!