Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Religious Perspectives

Imagine the earth and for a moment pretend that it has stopped rotating.  One person stands facing the Middle East.  Another can see only the frozen wasteland of Antarctica.  Another can mostly only view the great Pacific Ocean.  These three communicate by telephone and describe what they see.  They come to a heated argument, the one insisting that a mixture warm land and water cover the earth, another stating the assumed fact that it is a frozen planet and the third that it has only specks of land mass at all.  They cannot come to a consensus and therefore come to insults and verbal blows about the actual description of the planet Earth.  Each insists that what he can see is what the planet is. 

It is an absurd argument as we can all tell.  And yet there is a real argument that mirrors this exact situation and plagues members of the human race.  It is the argument over religion.  We see things differently.  I recently read a blog post in which comments were made contentiously over religion, the nature of a cult, and what exactly is established Christian doctrine.  It was like a scene from Macbeth.

We cannot assume that Christian sects outside our own are wrong simply because it is not what we view at present.  God is larger than one mortal person's comprehension.  As for myself, I hold a certain understanding about God and religion.  I speak as I find.  But I am not about to become contentious or insulting because someone looks at truth and sees something different. I trust that God knows each of us and teaches us according to who we are as individuals.  I don't have all the answers; I trust that if I hold faithful to what I know (ie: I know that there is a frozen wasteland in front of me and that is all I can presently comprehend) He will teach me the rest as I am able to bear it.  But we do have a responsibility as God's children generally and Christians particularly to be kind and friendly one with another.  Let us remember our duty to kindness before our zeal for pride. 

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