Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Skinny on Judging Fat People

I'm not obese.  I think that is pretty much evident and anyone who knows me knows that no matter what I put in my body I have always been thin.  I used to eat Reeses Peanut Butter cups and root beer for lunch.  True story.  And even at nine months pregnant I have never been over 135 lbs in my life. 

A few days ago I attended a zumba class taught by a woman who was definitely larger than I am.  She exhausted me.  That woman could move her body faster and longer without any kind of breath of a respite than I can even think.  When I first began working out there was a woman at my all ladies' gym who proved very much overweight.  One might be inclined to judge her walking down the street as a lazy, gluttonous creature.  But I knew her well and everyone in the gym found her absolutey inspirational.  The fact was that though she was very overweight, she had lost over one hundred pounds and worked out for hours every day.  Compared to her weight when she first made a lifestyle change, she was a supermodel from heaven. 

I have often heard people, usually thin, well dressed, feminine people, judging, pointing, mocking, whispering or generally disrespecting those who don't fit into a size six.  But the fact is that we don't always know their stories and we might want to think twice before judging someone for how they appear at first glance.   And to those who avoid the gym because they fear what the ripped, skinny people there will think of them let me leave you with this pertinent thought.   I think I can speak for most of us thin, toned individuals when I say that when I see an exceedingly overweight person at the gym I doubly cheer them on and gush out respect at their being there at all. 

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