Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spirituality and Mother Earth

This is a marvelous planet.  I have had the great blessing to visit much of it and two trips stand out in my mind with regard to getting to know the passion and beauty of our native earth. 

Fairly recently I enjoyed the opportunity to visit Yellowstone Park.  Geysers, bubbling mud pits, the foul smell of sulfur and boiling hot springs account for only a few of the majestic aspects of the area.  I realized how much energy and versatility earth experiences.  I realized how exquisite the conversation of matter and chemistry can exist in this sphere on which we stand.  I came to respect earth as something far more profound than anything man can understand, much less create. 

A few years ago I toured Guatemala and Honduras.  On the banks of Lake Atitlan, the bottom of which exceeds human technology to measure, I rested on a hammock and watched mist settling around the lush, rich vegetation that surrounded me.  Three volcanos surround the lake and add to the spirit that resides in that "land of the green forest."  I had just left an earthquake zone and in a few days would drive across the meeting point of where the underground plates of North and South America intersected.  I felt a powerful call from the earth beneath me.  It was though I could feel the passion and spiritual power of the soul of the earth itself.  It reached toward me in thundering beauty and reminded me that it held the secrets of ages past and awe inspiring answers that would astonish weak and presently baffled scientific man.  Direct your spiritual energy toward the earth and let it teach the center of your heart.

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  1. There is such great power in the earth and I realized it when the volcano destroyed an area I saw once. I landed in the Philippines at Clark AFB on the way to Vietnam and now it doesn't exist. Have an awesome rest of your Sunday