Sunday, May 6, 2012

There is Always Hope

When I was a child my mother had two major issues with me, or rather, two that I will presently address.  I am sure I caused her a great deal of stress more than a simple two issue disagreement.  The first was that for the life of me, I would not brush my hair.  It felt as though monsters were ripping, tearing, and ferociously growling through my locks when anyone attempted taming my ever resisting curls.  Later on, my eating habits became beyond horrendous.  I was extremely picky, couldn't stand the idea of red meat, and eventually in high school took to shoveling nothing but sugar coated garbage into my mouth.  She pretty much had to give up and let me live as I chose.  I was too troublesome.

I think we can deduce from my pictures that I have learned to brush my hair every now and then.  One of the issues my family deals with regarding me now is that I am no fun at the dinner table.  My eating habits are nearly textbook perfect.  My family has sought in vain to get me to open my mouth to anything that would adversely affect my body. 

Sometimes we lavish time, energy, prayer, patience, and all the love and compassion we can muster on people who remain completely unmoved.  I know I have had this experience with many people I love.  I have often been brought to my knees, thinking that it was all for nothing and I failed.  The thing we must remember, however, is that it isn't about us or what we can accomplish.  God is the one at the helm.  And sometimes He just uses staunch, stubborn, unmoving people so we can learn to work and give our all.  Sometimes He waits until we have expended all we can give and long afterward He brings about the result to teach us humility.  But miracles can happen and they frequently do all around us. 


  1. I wish I could eat as perfectly as you do. Seems immpossible. Maybe you should pray for a miracle to free me from my desire for naughty food. :)

  2. Well Crys, there is always hope! :)