Friday, May 25, 2012

Vivaldi, My Invisible Cat

Those who read my blog regularly or who know me personally are well acquainted with the fact that progression and education prove highly important to me.  My goal through much of my life was to be a university professor.  Learning is the joy and passion of my life. But in learning life's lessons I found something I had not considered before.  It is equally important to maintain an active imagination, for so doing relaxes the mind and allows the creative juices to circulate with greater productivity. 

Like a muscle that has been engaged in weight lifting, some stretching and release proves necessary for the mind to function at a higher, stronger level.  I was unfortunately born without much of an imagination but my God mercifully granted me two children who came with more fantasy coursing through their veins and little heads than I could possibly have previously conceived.  We have a full menagerie of invisible animals at my house, most of my daughter's making, and I am required to keep a cat of the invisible variety myself.  I named him Vivaldi, after one of my favorite musicians, and the first one I came to really honestly love and study with a passion.  The feline Vivaldi is black and white like the keys on a piano and likes to sleep on my keyboard during the day (which means I am not required to feed and pet him if I choose not to do so).  But at the moment he is sitting and purring on my lap as I type. ;)

If we are to have a full and well rounded education let us remember that it would serve us well to season it with a little imagination.  True, we can spend our days and nights studying the plays of William Shakespeare and analyze to pieces the tropes and iambic pentameter but let's remember that it is the brilliantly imaginative plots and sheer linguistic beauty that makes these classic works so memorable in the first place.  And while we may adore the creative work of others, we have divine fire within ourselves to craft powerful works of art ourselves.

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  1. The best part would be, not having to clean the imaginary litter box!! love it!!