Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Where Science and Spirit Meet

I have been listening to a bantering argument outside my door today involving two adults arguing about science versus spirituality.  The scientist has been parroting the usual arguments on the subject.  The saint has been arguing of course the mysteries of God and that we do not have all knowledge yet.  The argument has led to the fact that we cannot believe in what we do not see on one side and the faith that greater things beyond comprehension on the other.

May I play the peacemaker for all those in this predicament?  You will need to follow me to the Orient, but there is indeed an answer that satisfies both.  It is called chi.  It is the life force within us which we cannot see.  In Western terms we would call it the spirit.  Those who practice chi gong, tai chi and the like know that of which I speak.  When we perform certain movements in a certain manner we can actually feel a spiritual strength pouring through our bodies. 

But you can't see or hear or measure the spirit!  Right?  Yes, you can.  Scientists in the Orient have learned to actually be able to measure the sound waves that chi masters can release through their palms.  One can track, measure, and even hear the human life force.  Western scientists have studied and have learned to measure the weight of the spirit by studying bodies immediately before and after death.  They take into account air that the body loses and all other physical reasons a body might weigh less after death.  They have come to the conclusion that the spirit has a very slight weight that exits the body upon death.  So to those who believe only what they can see and measure, I have good news.  We are beginning to be able to measure spirituality. 

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