Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Working Mommies

I have read as I am sure we all have, several news articles regarding women working outside the home.  One poll I read discussed the findings that even if a woman has sufficient money coming from her man she will usually still want to work outside the home.  They concluded therefore that the matter was closed and that since women wanted to to do it, there was no problem at hand.

I am a working mommy and I know many of them.  Sadly to say, many of my associates who wear double hats do so for the same reason which has nothing to do with money.  It has to do with men.  Their significant others treat them disrespectfully and indecently if they do not bring a paycheck.  Often the masculine counterparts glory in their jobs simply because it gives them an excuse to treat their wives with contempt.  And with divorce rates skyrocketing in this society, what is a woman to do?  I know of one woman whose husband refused to let her work outside the house except in the mindless jobs he accepted and while she was pregnant he would pretend to work and instead spend his time in strip clubs.  Disgusting.

Brethren, I love and respect you.  I believe the best in you.  I know that not all men are like this but for goodness sake, boys, give your woman a reason to want to stay home.

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