Monday, June 18, 2012

Accepting Freedom

There is a kind of slavery that pervades the liberated world.  Those of us that reside in countries that have received emancipation and consider ourselves enlightened often create an atmosphere of social and emotional slavery amongst ourselves.  We create rules thoroughly unnecessary that lead us to think and act in manners that enslave us. 

These come in all different shapes and sizes.  Some are enslaved to their passions.  Some are enslaved by competition with their neighbors.  Often we are enslaved by our own empty and unrealistic expectations of ourselves or the expectations family or friends place upon us.  Sometimes we are enslaved by feeling we must adhere to fashions or prominent opinions of the day.

Let us each take a deep look into the man or woman in the mirror and discover at least one thing that enslaves us.  Let us decide to accept the freedom for which our American forefathers fought, bled and died.  Let us accept the freedom that beckons to us.  Never mind what the world may say about us.  Take hold of your own life, overcome your personal obstacles and dare to live completely free.

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